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Carb Blocker Capsules Phaseolamin

Carb Blocker Capsules Phaseolamin

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PHASEOLAMIN – Commonly known as Phase 2 carb controller, Phaseolamin is an active ingredient that has been clinically proven accelerate carbohydrate and starch reduction.

CLINICAL STUDIES – Many studies have been conducted on Phaseolamin, one study found that participants lost and average of 6.45lbs when taking Phaseolamin alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle and an average body fat mass reduction of 10%.

HOW DSOES IT WORK – LiveWell’s Phaseolamin capsules are a natural substance that works by temporarily delaying the digestion of carbohydrates by neutralising the enzymes responsible for the digestion of carbs. This then allows a portion of the carbs to pass through the body without being converted into glucose and then fat.

SUPPLIED IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT YOU – Whether you require a trial bottle of 30 capsules, or you are looking for maximum value for money, we have a packet for you. We offer our products in a range of quantities from our 30-capsule trial pack, 90’s, 180’s and our massive 360 capsule MAXIMUM VALUE pack

NATURAL INGREDIENTS – All the products we offer at LiveWell Vitamins are 100% natural and manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP standards using nothing but the highest quality, Non-GMO Ingredients available giving you quality products at affordable prices that you can have confidence in.

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