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Vitamin K2 (MK-7) Menaquinone

Vitamin K2 (MK-7) Menaquinone

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VITAMIN K2 – Vitamin K2 plays an important role in the body by providing a path for calcium to reach the bones, this can help maintain NORMAL BONES and also contributes to NORMAL BLOOD CLOTTING.

OPTIMUM STRENGTH – With the REQUIRED DAILY DOSE of 100mcg from just 1 capsule, our supplements provide you with an AFFORDABLE and CONVENIENT way of enjoying the benefits of this IMPORTANT VITAMIN. As our capsules are made from the more EFFECTIVE MK7 type of vitamin K they are 100% NATURAL and EASILY ABSORBED.

VEGAN-FRIENDLY AND FREE FROM – Our capsules are suitable for those on VEGAN and VEGETARIAN diets as well as being free from lactose, gluten, milk and wheat. GMO-free and also free from pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers or other pollutants. 

SUPPLIED IN QUANTITIES TO SUIT YOU – Whether you require a trial bottle of 30 capsules, or you are looking for maximum value for money, we have a packet for you. We offer our products in a range of quantities from our 30-capsule trial pack, 90’s, 180’s and our massive 360 capsule MAXIMUM VALUE pack.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS – All the products we offer at LiveWell Vitamins are 100% natural and manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP standards using nothing but the highest quality, Non-GMO Ingredients available giving you quality products at affordable prices that you can have confidence in.

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