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Cho Yung Tea - Green Detox and Weight Loss Tea - Burn Fat - Diet UK

Cho Yung Tea - Green Detox and Weight Loss Tea - Burn Fat - Diet UK

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Cho-Yung tea is made to an ancient 400 year old traditional recipe. As well as premium oolong tea, Cho-Yung includes a blend of traditional herbs and plants to help purify your body's cells and support your essential organs through the digestive process.

Amidst the 100% natural ingredients it includes lotus leaf to optimise digestion, Cassia seeds to support the internal organs. a herbaceous plant indigenous to Japan, China and Southern Korea. This ingredient has potent anti-oxident properties similar to ginseng, and is often referred to as the 'immortality' herb, as its consumers often live to a very old age.

The special herbs in Cho-Yung tea have a calming effect and help regulate the digestive system.

Each tea bag is sealed in foil packets to lock in freshness and packed into handy pouches, ready for delivery to your door, for you to enjoy!

How to use Cho-Yung Tea to aid a healthy weight loss.

Several of the specially selected herbs in Cho-Yung tea are there to promote what scientists refer to as 'fat oxidation' - burning the body's fat reserves as fuel. Cho-Yung tea helps your body to get rid of the fat rather than store it, while reducing your body's ability to absorb fat from your food at the same time.

However, it cannot do this unassisted. If you continue to eat a diet high in fat, you will continue to gain weight as fat is stored in your body. By changing your diet to one that is sensible, choosing foods that are low in fat, you allow Cho-Yung tea to target the fat stored in your body rather than continually fighting the fat that you consume. When taken with a sensible diet and light exercise regime, you can often double the amount of weight loss from your body, than you would with diet and exercise alone.

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